Saturday, July 12, 2014

Oatmeal cookies recipe (dairy-free)

Oatmeal cookies recipe (dairy-free)

These cookies are very easy to make.

Oatmeal (Grounded/Blended/Powdered)       150g
Flour                                                              50g
Brown sugar (Grounded/Blended/Powdered)   50g
Baking powder                                      1-1.5 tsps
Vegetable oil (extra virgin olive oil)                  50g
Soy milk                                                    4 tbsps
Baking sheets

(Yield 12-13 pieces of medium sized cookies)

Mix all dry ingredients together then add in the wet ingredients. Blend all the ingredients well then shape them to your own liking and put them on banking sheets. Put the cookies in the fridge for about 15min.  
Bake at 150C for about 25min.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Focusing just on health 005

This week, I find that consulting in various sources can really affect my motivation level and has negative impact on my own progress. For example, when I told one of my friends that I'm drinking water instead of snacking, her response is that too much water is bad for my kidneys and I need to find "other ways" to stop snacking. Easier said than done. So I tried to drink less water for the past 3 days and alas my snacking problem is back. So from now on, I'm going to listen to "my own body" and not the "advice" from people who think they know best. Who know your body better than yourself?  If anyone says it's doctors who know more of our bodies than us than I'm telling you he/she is kidding himself/herself.

I've always known that the only way to weight loss is through diet not exercise. But to have a healthier body (not mind), exercise and sleep are equally important. I've listed sugar as a factor because it's a freely use addictive substance that I have to overcome. Water is vital and it helps me combat the addiction. So back to these factors...

1. Sugar. Seems like passion fruits are in the season now. I'm seeing them on sale on a daily basis but they're so sour that I have a maximum tolerance of just 3 fruits/day. This past week, I ate fewer bananas because I find that I'm a little sick of it. Too much of good stuff? Anyway, during the weekend, I tried green tea banana shake (banana + green tea powder + milk). Not bad, it was really foamy and looked a little like milkshake.

2. Sleep. For this area, I really need to get real and stop doing stuff like watching TV when I got back from work during weekday. This is because watching TV takes about an hour and sometimes if it's a series than it's harder to stop watching it. Another addiction!

3. Exercise. I'm doing good with the after work exercises. Although I missed the workout for a day or two but I'm always back on. Sometimes rest is necessary to rekindle the excitement of looking forward to an intense workout session.

4. Water. Well, due to the advice of a friend, I drank less water this week. I find that I can obviously survive on less water but the impact was that I snacked more often. I know that there are other ways to prevent snacking but since I have to sit at my work station, I still can't find other solutions to combat my snacking problem. And how much is too much water anyway?

Obviously, what makes up a healthy lifestyle is different for different people. No one knows what is best for ourselves other than us. We only have one life to live and it is too short not to live it our ways (any ways that have no negative impact on those around you should be fine). We make mistakes and we learn. Life is a process, a journey not an end-goal.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Focusing just on health 004

Hello there! It's time for some updates.

1. Sugar. I'm eating fruits on daily basis now. So I've been having less sugar craving. After 2 weeks of eating bananas on almost daily basis (for snacks), I find that bananas now taste a lot sweeter. It might be that I was eating way too much refined sugar and it numbed my taste buds. I find that it's much easier to say no to sugar.

2. Sleep. Getting to bed early is a constant struggle. There are so many things to do after work that the few hours (before early bed time) are just simply not enough. Nevertheless, sleep is also important and we have to 'make time' for it.

3. Exercise. I'm still sticking to my evening exercises. It's 4 days a week of jogging at moderate intensity for 20min. My weight still fluctuates but I'm focusing more on body fats percentage and on the fit of my clothes.

4. Water. Water really helps to prevent snacking. I've this need to always have something in my mouth and drinking water is the key to keep my calories down.

Short update this week. Have a good sleep and drink lots of water!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Focusing just on health 003

It's a continuous battle. Just 4 factors but it requires a lot of choices and lots of motivation.

1. Sugar. Despite my resolution to eat fruits to combat with sugar craving. Sometimes I don't have them available all the time. Nevertheless, cutting down on sugar has reduced my sugar craving. I'm eating bakeries but not as much and I can really taste the sweetness (or the too sweetness) of the baked goods especially chocolate cookies. I've really cut back on sugary drink. It's the choices that I've to learn to make everyday.

2. Sleep. Sometimes I'm still sleeping too late but I don't have trouble waking up in the morning. I find that on the day that I don't exercise, I have trouble falling back to sleep if I wake up in the middle of the night. Previously, I stated that I won't eat after 7pm but it's really hard to adhere to it. So I'll change to eating something light instead. If after having something light doesn't satisfy me, I will need to tell myself it's time for sleep instead because sometimes we eat to overcome our tiredness.

3. Exercise. This week, I had 4 jogging sessions, each about 20min. I've had enough cardio exercises but I need to build my core and upper body strength. Also, I need to have daily stretching exercises preferably before bed. Last week, I've brought up the issue of morning exercise last week so I did try it but just for a day. At least for me, morning exercise doesn't go well with my 9-5 job. Since I don't join a gym and I'm exercising at a small park at my workplace. There are 2 shower stalls for staff but you have to bring your own towels, shampoo & shower gels, etc. As such, I find that there are just too much stuff to carry. For evening exercise, I just bring my workout pant, exercise and go home to take a shower. Much much simpler.

Here's my pros and cons of morning versus evening exercise

 So it's evening exercise for me!

4. Water. I've been drinking lots more water than I was before. It really helps to stop snacking after lunch time. I find that when I forgot to drink water, I'm snacking more, reaching for anything that I could munch on.

That's it for this week. Hope you all have a great weekend! Any tips for a healthier lifestyle/life would be most welcome.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Focusing just on health 002

On my previous post (Focusing just on health 001), I listed out my main problems with weight gain.
It's a constant struggle to avoid sugar, to get my butt off the chair to exercise (TV, internet surfing especially reading on articles about getting healthy - but not doing it, etc.), to remind myself it's time to sleep.

It's been a week and here's my reviews on the topics I raised.

1. Sugar. These past days I've revamped my relationship with sugar. The craving is still there but I think I can sort of control it. No more overindulging on sweetened stuff. I still ate them but I don't finish up everything last drops/pieces.

2. Sleep. I'm still struggling with sleep. For the past 3 days, I've been staying later than I intended to and I fell victim to late night snacking. So when I went to bed after eating, my stomach was still full and it was very uncomfortable. Continuing this habit might lead to gastric re-flux. I've never had problem with stomach acid and I really need to kick this habit. This is probably why some people don't eat dinner. I'll probably have to eat 'dinner' before 7pm.

3. Exercise. So I jogged short-distance (2.5km) for 4 consecutive days after work. First 2 days were a bliss, I was still motivated. 3rd day came I have to remind myself to get out there. 4th day was a struggle. Then I missed the last workout. This got me thinking that if motivation can only last me for 2 days then I have to get "re-motivated" every 2 days to keep things going. Nevertheless, I don't really know whether it helps with sleep. Did it help me to sleep later and start my late night binge-eating? The reason I exercise in the evening because morning exercise would require me to take a shower before work but I can go straight home and shower if I exercise in the evening. But if morning turn out to be a better option then I will go for it. That's only one way to know......I just have to go for it.

4. Water. My relationship with water is still growing. Since I'm drinking more water than before this raises the question on what I have been drinking before water. This was probably why I was snacking all the time. I'm still snacking but I'm mindful of stuff that are loaded with sugar.

I'm trying to focus on health for the long-run. However, there's always a need to know the results of all these actions. So I turn to weighing scale but it didn't budge. Nevertheless, I felt my shirt is slightly looser. I need to find other ways to measure the results to make the change sustainable.

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Focusing just on health 001

Focusing just on health 001

I'm not good with words but I've decided to put my dedication to words so that I can get my motivation back when I'm off track.

The desire to focus on health is the all common goal - weight loss. However, what causes weight gain in the first place? I'm sure we all can list a number of things/foods etc. Here are mine:

-Too much sugar (sweetened drinks, sweet baked goods ie cakes & cookies and more)
-Not enough sleep
-Not enough exercises
-Not enough water (I mean H2O here)

After listing them out, they seem to be only a few reasons here but they are huge obstacles to cross over!
Nonetheless, they all have to be tackled at the same time.

I've ran a half marathon in 2010. Trained for it for 6 months. Have suffered ankle sprain, IT band symptoms, irritation in my butt muscles, and a few more. Did all the stretches I've found on the net but the aches and irritation didn't go away. And to top off that, I suffered a weird dizziness spell after my first (and probably only) half marathon. My legs' muscles would just gave out if I run too fast (I'm not sure whether it's related to inner ear stuff). So now I can't use treadmill (I use it to for 6km/hr jog but not 10-11km/hr run). Now, I only run occasionally but my weight has crept up again because my diet is loaded with sugar! Also, the aches and irritation are lesser now that I've stopped the 'training'. So I figured out that 'training' for any races is not for me and if I engage in exercises it will be for my health only. This might sound self-centered but taking care of myself means less burden on others to take care of me so in essence, it's a win-win situation.

So back to the obstacles.

1. Sugar. Five characters that have been plaguing me all my life. I remembered myself eating 2 tablespoons full of sugar just for the thrill/challenge of it. You know when people looked at you and exclaimed "You did it?!". Sugar has been there for me since I was young but it's now time to reconsider our relationship. I've decided to replace sugar with fruits. So instead of going for a chocolate frappe, I'll go for bananas. I've done that for 2 weeks and I've given in once but I'll keep going. Just yesterday, I saw the discounted white chocolate on sale (50% discount!) so I can't resist it and it's now sitting on the dining table. Now, as I go around the shelves of food in the supermarket stores, I'm constantly spotting sugar threats - the cookies aisles, etc. I've given in to the impulse to buy but I'll choose the time and the quantity I'm to consume. Sugar is an addiction. I've not experienced the withdrawal phrase yet maybe because I still get it in fruits. Sugar, I can have it but it'll be on my terms.

2. Sleep. Sleep has never been my priority in life. I thought I could go by with no sleep but of course I've never been able to tried it. I've always go by with only 5-6 hours of sleep, sometimes less. I've decided to make sleep my priority. To get a good night sleep, I have to get physical active.

3. Exercise. In my house, there's a stationary bike, a skipping rope, 2 3kg-dumbbells, WII game, yoga mat and deflated medicinal ball. Both the ball and the mat are in storage because they are unsightly and take up space.....right I wish those are the reasons but it's because I've found that I prefer cardio exercises and I can use my sofas instead of the balls. Yoga, aerobics and spinning classes, those I've tried but I find that the exercise that I can stick to is alas...running. Since treadmill is a danger to me, I've to go for running at a park. I've decided to go for a run of 30min (not more) every weekday evenings - starting next week. I've to remind myself... run for your health not for any races. To run 5 days/week might sound bad becauses there are many advice on the internet not to run more than 4 days/week and so on. However, I've to try it to judge the outcome myself and it'll be only 30min.

4.Water. Chemical formula for water is H2O. From now, I'll interpret it as "Health to go". For these past week of trying to reduce refined sugar intake, I've found that water is my friend. It keeps me full and reduce my craving for snacks. However, I wouldn't have gotten close to water without my good friend - the drinking straw. Drinking straw has been making my water drinking habit a bliss. I feel sorry for increasing the plastic usage by using them but to get close to water, I can't do without them.

With all the above factors, I'm pretty sure I'll be moving closing to a healthier me. Weight loss will probably be one of the side-effects. Who care to join me?

Friday, November 15, 2013


There is a certain element in online games that can cause addiction. It is properly the need to get a certain 'something' in the games. That is the reson why I've tried to stay away from them ever since Ragnarok Online but lo and behold I've become addicted to them games again. My latest addiction is.... Line Tiny Farm.

To tell you the truth, I've tried to uninstall the game (several times in fact) but I've always reinstalling it back on my mobile phone. I guess the only way to cure me of the addiction is to indulge in it until there is no more to discover in the game itself. Sorry for the rant, the purpose of this post is to review the game so please stay with me.

Developer: Com2us
Game: Line Tiny Farm ( there's a standalone tiny farm game by this developer as well but apparently the one connected with LINE is a different version.)
Storage: 190MB (reported on the application setting)

Summary by categories (alphabetical orders):

It's a game where we get to 'raise' the farm animals by 'feeding' them by clicking on the hay icons flashing above the animals when the feeding time for the animals is up. Each animal has different feeding time.

Most of the time, the animals in 'level 1' can be bought from the shop. We can breed 2 'level 1' animals to get 'level 2' animals and so on. The animals need to be given 'love' (the heart which regenerates every 10 min or by the love house). Higher level animals need for hearts before they can breed. Sometimes it can be hard to get the 'level 3' animals.
We are provided with the basic building and when our levels increase, we can purchase more buildings by using coins or bells.
Animal Storage. The 'slot' can be purchased with 'coins' until it reaches 9 slots. More slots can be added by using the bells.
Love house (at level 15). Love house generates 5 hearts in 12 hours but when the time is up, we need to click on the flashing heart icon to get the hearts. It can be upgraded which will shorten the time to generate the hearts to 9 hours. The first upgrade needs 10 bells. The second upgrade requires 30 bells. WARNING: If the house in the process of generating hearts (for example: for the first upgrade, if you have 5hrs left to claim the hearts, do not click upgrade. If you do, the time will start to countdown from 9hrs. That's what happened to me -_-".)
Bell Tree. Bell tree generates 1 bell in 36 hours. I've just got the tree but no bell is acquired yet but I think it will probably be the same as the love house where we need to click on the bell to actually get it. It can be upgraded to shorten the bell production from 36 hours to 23 hours by using 50 bells.

In the collection section in settings (wrench icon), we can find the animals that we have 'raised' here. At first, I thought these are just images for viewing but apparently if it is more useful than that. The animals that we have raised especially the ones that we have 'mastered' until 'level 5' can be repurchased with coins. Animals that we have raised but not mastered, they can be repurchased with bells but not with coins. If we take a closer look at the price, level 1 animals can be repurchased here half of their original prices!

Hearts are to be given to the animals so that they can reproduce. The one good thing about this game is that the hearts given to the animals don't disappear. The hearts given a month ago still 'stay' with the animals (if the animals are not sold off of course). 

In the settings, the inventory section is where you store the objects you purchased and it is also where animals or objects awarded are found. Animals that are in the inventory stay there if you don't 'take them out'. Once you 'take them out', the animals can either stay on the farm or in the animal storage. It cannot be restored in the inventory.

Most of the 'important' stuff are explained above. Any further updates will be added later. Enjoy playing!