Sunday, December 23, 2012

Microsoft bluetooth keyboard 5000 review

For a long time ago (2 years maybe), I've been toying with the idea of owning a wireless keyboard to connect with my portable device (at that time it was only Nokia 5800, now I also have Samsung Galaxy Tab) but the price of the keyboard was just too high.Recently, I decided to search for it again. I almost made the mistake of buying a 'wireless keyboard' the infra-red kind but after doing some research on the internet, it seems that the infra-red wireless keyboard might not work with mobile phones since it needs to transmit its signal via usb transmitter. It might be possible to use it via a usb hub but if I have the usb hub, I might be able to connect it with the usual usb keyboard with the phone.

Just two days ago, I came across the Microsoft bluetooth keyboard 5000 and I'm sold.

-1,445 Baht (comes with 3 years warranty)

Devices paired with the keyboards
-Nokia 5800 (Symbian)
-Samsung Galaxy Tab (Android ICS)

Design 4/5
The keyboard curved design is really makes it comfortable to type though it is rather flat when compared to the typical optical keyboard.


Battery indicator

Power switch and Bluetooth button (used when pairing)

2 AAA battery slot

 - 5/5 on Nokia 5800 using Light Notepad (Text editing software)
Very responsive. Once the keyboard is paired up with your mobile phone, it is really a joy to use. Well, I've bought it with the intention of using it mainly for typing so I'm not sure how responsive it is when used in gaming.
- 3/5 on Galaxy Tab 7 Plus (ICS)
I've been using it in opera browser for android and the keyboard takes a little long to response/boot about 5sec once a key is pressed. Quite annoying really. It might perform better if it is used with a lightweight software.

Overall, I'm satisfied with the purchase. The keyboard gives me the freedom from wires and the use of my phone as a text editor (I can now type comfortably, in the dark!).

Note: To type in Thai on Galaxy Tab, touch the language change button "the globe icon". Please note in Polaris Office, only type in Thai in text document (.txt) and change the file type to "UTF8".

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