Saturday, April 29, 2017

Samsung Ace 3 (S7270L) - dimming not working

Samsung Ace 3 (S7270L) - dimming not working

For those of you whose phones' dimming function is not working after testing it in the "hardware" testing menu (*#0*#), the problem might not be your hardware after all.

I have rooted the phone and have uninstalled as much stuff on the phone as possible. I don't recall uninstalling anything that may have caused the dimming of the phone to stop working. Moreover, I don't have an idea when the auto-brightness stopped working as I've installed "bluelight filter" app. I just discovered this malfunction issue for a  month and I thought part of the phone is "broken".

Nevertheless, before I've completely given up on the phone, I resorted to revert it back to stock rom. And the issue is solved! The software part might have messed up with the hardware, causing the malfunction of auto-brightness. Hope anyone who experience this issue can resolve it too, if your problem is the same as mine though. Good Luck!

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