Sunday, May 21, 2017

Some selected apps for rooted android phone with limited internal storage.

I've been deciding whether to buy a smartphone with bigger ROM i.e. 16GB and up as sometimes I felt frustrated with the space constrain of my current Samsung Ace 3 with 4GB ROM. With 4GB ROM, 2GB is used by the system leaving me with 2GB for app installation - this includes some stock apps and bloatware removed.

My essential apps are:
-Bluelight Filter

-Clean Boost
-DicePlayer (Old but goody app)
-Facebook Lite
-Firefox (Froze the stock browser)
-FolderMount (Linked data from LINE to sd card)
-Google Drive
-Galaxy Gifts

-Google Calendar
-Google Maps
-Google Translate
-A keyboard app (Froze Samsung Keyboard)
-Investing (for news update, very useful news and prices on commodities)
-LINE Naver 
-Multi Timer
-Open Camera (for timestamp function)
-Speed Up Swap
-Root Explorer
-Xposed Installer
-WEBTOON (this is not necessary but I have it to earn LINE points...hahaha)

After installation of all these apps, the phone still has about 600MB+ free of space.

These are my take on the essential apps, what are yours? 

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